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Being used as we are to our contemporary fashion, we look at the man and assume he’s wearing a stamped T-shirt, something that would be indeed out of place (or time).But if you look carefully, you can see that he’s actually wearing (or could as well be wearing) a sweatshirt. The man with what appears to be very modern sunglasses seems to be wearing a stamped T-shirt with a nice sweater, all the while holding a portable compact camera!Read this on Doc Brown’s voice: “Of course, because we know nothing happened there right? But before writing Hollywood scripts, let’s get back to reality and ask again: is the photo evidence of a time traveller?Alas, time itself took care of disproving all of John Titor’s stories about the future.Or perhaps that’s a nice thing, since the future Titor invented was pretty gloom.This is not much of a proof of time travel, and more like evidence of the cyclic nature of fashion.

The sweater he also uses seems to be hand knitted, with buttons on the front.

After all, photoshop jobs mixing modern figures in old photos are not that complex.

A series that has been popular the past few weeks placed contemporary super-heroes in historical photos: Is it possible that an elaborate hoax could have included a manipulated photograph among the items of a museum exhibit, only to have it put online and finally exposed as “time travel proof” later?

It was put online since February this year, perhaps before that.

And the peculiar “time traveller” image was only noted as such in the end of March, when it was linked on main websites such as .

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