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“At one point, he was looking for an orthopedic doctor, and doctors were basically refusing to go in there,” Ben Griffin, a former British Special Forces soldier who volunteers as his personal trainer, told me.

As a precaution, Ecuador tried to negotiate a “safe passage” by which Assange could be admitted to a hospital without compromising his diplomatic protections, but the negotiations fell through.

He lives in a continuous state of hypervigilance, believing that the Embassy could be stormed at any moment.

Shortly after he arrived, British authorities threatened to strip the Embassy of its diplomatic protections and apprehend him by force.

At the same time, Assange’s methodology and his motivations have increasingly come under suspicion.

During the Presidential election last year, he published tens of thousands of hacked e-mails written by Democratic operatives, releasing them at pivotal moments in the campaign. “I love Wiki Leaks,” Donald Trump declared, in exultant gratitude.

Most visitors—even celebrity friends, like PJ Harvey and Brian Eno—meet Assange only here. I extended my right hand to shake his, and he responded by giving me his left hand, palm up, redefining the exchange on his terms.

Like the rest of the Embassy, the room is small, and the windows are cloaked with drapes. On the way out, he flipped some switches on a tiny black box, and the orbs above filled the room with white noise. He was once rail thin, but, at forty-six, he is softening in the middle.

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Nonetheless, he has become a global influence, proving that with simple digital tools a single person can craft a new kind of power—a distributed, transnational power, which functions outside norms of state sovereignty that have held for centuries.Even as a new inquiry opened into possible collusion between Trump-campaign operatives and Russia, “the Wiki Leaks connection,” as James Clapper, the director of National Intelligence, put it last year, remained obscure.Assange is not an easy man to get on the phone, let alone to see in person.He is protected by a group of loyal staffers and a shroud of organizational secrecy.One friend compared him to the central figure in Philip K.

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