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Rawat now doesn’t need to pay a school fee and thinks the new school is better.“Why should I go to a private school and pay high fees when I am getting good facilities and quality education in a government school,” Rawat said.Delhi government schools had a pass percentage of 88.27% this year in Class 12 board results, compared to private schools’ 79.27%.Yadav said the school will soon get more facilities.Those were the things that we talked and focused on daily last season.This year will be a lot of the same, but hopefully the process will bear out better with improved results.“Other classes have a similar influx of students except for Class 6 in which we have a good number of students from our feeder municipal schools,” he said.Quality of education, Yadav said, was equally important and recent good results of government schools have made people realise that the government schools are giving a good education.

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"It's about the process, the development, the grind.Rawat is among the 900 students, who have moved from private schools to the Sector 21 government Co-ed Sarvodaya Vidyalaya. The school, which was opened on April 1, boasts of a swanky building with 69 rooms, including yoga room, music room, mathematics laboratory, and science laboratory.Vice-principal Sukhbir Singh Yadav said the school building gives the “look and feel” of a private school, which attracts parents and students.We have focused on teachers’ training, taken initiatives for special attention on students and all of this is being noticed by parents,” she said.TEWKSBURY — Last season was a tough one for the Tewksbury High Golf team, as an inexperienced group of players struggled to a losing season, dropping several close matches along the way, where an extra stroke or two may have made the difference between winning and losing. The good news for the Redmen as they head into this season is that many of those same players, ten to be exact, will return to the lineup having gained a year of experience playing at the varsity level, experience that coach Jim Sullivan is hoping will help put them over the top in some of those close matches."Continue to get better every day.

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