Stop dating when

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If we instead sit there passively eating dinner and nodding in agreement to everything he says, he’ll likely find us pretty boring.

The same is true with how you handle contact after the date.

You’ve been calling him because you enjoy his company and you’d like to spend as much time with him as possible.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t view your actions that way.

Remember that men love a chase, so let him be the hunter.

If that gradually stops, we begin to doubt his feelings.

First off, he’ll wonder why you are being so sensitive and he’ll insist that you don’t need a phone call to know how much he cares about you.

He may also feel that you are being petty or too sensitive.

How you handle this issue can be the difference between him or breaking up with you. A fulfilling, rewarding relationship is about creating the perfect balance with your guy.

That includes all the time you two are spending together in person as well as the time in between – when you text, email or call one another.

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