Smtp validating form

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Our online real-time email verification API can be easily integrated in websites and applications and provides a detailed validation status for each email address.

Code examples are available in several programming languages.

If you want to verify lots of email addresses in one go and reduce your email marketing bounce rates, our bulk email verifier is exactly what you need.

You can upload your entire email address list and keep your email list clean.

With our Real-Time Email Validation service you can easily clean up existing email lists or verify if an email address entered into a registration form on your website really exists and can receive mails.

In this tutorial, we are going see the code for sending file attachments with the contact form email.As a result of the email validation process, you get a detailed validation status for each email address.We do not send any email to the recipient address during the entire validation process.If you need an online, real-time email address verification solution for your website, application or call center, we have the right solution for you.Our Email Address Verification API is designed to accept only valid email addresses and generate high quality email marketing leads for you. Stay focused on real customers: our Online Email Verification API allows you to easily detect and block disposable, temporary email addresses and protects you from fake leads and contacts with disposable email addresses.

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