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During the radio session, he cited incidents where women had virtually spoken to men on the Web to give advice on certain issues, only to have the men become attached to them. Al-Mutlaq’s advice evoked several varied responses on Twitter.Most of the sheikh’s followers on Twitter are women who debated the content of his “fatwa” (edict).Flip through Arab channels and one sees a complete range: veiled female scholars working on their Ph.D.s dispense Islamically correct advice to live callers on talk shows; female war correspondents in flak jackets broadcast from the streets of bombed out Lebanon; pouting Arab pop singers grind their way through sexually titillating songs.and the stunningly successful Middle Eastern version of American Idol, called Super Star.

Modeled on American hit The View, Kalam Nawaem, broadcast out of Beirut, is a potent mix of cozy chat and edgy issues.But with the advent of fiercely competitive regional channels, there has been an explosion of sexed-up programming.Oblivious to the western stereotypes of Muslim women, networks (the biggest funded by wealthy Saudi Arabians, royals, and other gulf businessmen) churn out shows based on American formats, such as Who Wants to Win a Million?"They're reaching women who are stuck at home, or who think being liberal means wearing short skirts and going to the beach.People are getting used to seeing women on TV--and they're starting to think their message of personal freedom makes sense."People are also seeing women in a huge array of roles previously occupied only by men.

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