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Not one mentioned her crime, or anything about prison.The women instead describe themselves as enjoying long walks on the beach, romantic evenings by the fireplace, etc.In small cities, especially in the southeast, emphasize emotions and hobbies.One of my hobbies is reading personal ads from incarcerated women, and then looking up their rap sheets on the World Wide Web.That we're supposed to be tall and thin and beautiful and perfectly shaped, and we go to the computer because we kind of feel that we're less than perfect.If people would start looking into the kindness of people's spirits instead and starting to get to know their souls, maybe we wouldn't have to go a computer to try to hide who we are to meet someone we think we're going to meet. I mean there's a whole audience of people out there who potentially have chemistry to meet some other person just eyeball to eyeball.Why are they afraid to smile at each other on the street? Why can't you talk to people that you're in the office with?Because you know what -- we have these stupid rules that prevent us from acting like men and women, and that's the real chemistry. CULLUM: But the other part of it is, don't you think we've all had these high expectations about ourselves?

Now condense your responses into two or three sentences. Then run it through a grammar checker (in Microsoft Word, the grammar checker is under "Tools").Now look in your Yellow Pages under "Editorial Services." Pay a professional editor to edit your personal ad.Spelling and grammar errors make you look lazy and stupid.There is one woman who smelled like malt balls." BEGALA: And I guess the bottom line here is -- it's a freak show. So in order to get around that, my sister and I created Great BEGALA: It sounds like the used car lot of dating though, Jean. BEGALA: This Malibu is a sweetheart; you've got to buy it off of me.CARROLL: The problem is now, you know, the feminists hurt the relationship between men and women a little bit because when you and I were at the University of Texas we could flirt. You know, part of the problem why women and men aren't dating is [because] they're afraid to look each other in the eye and say, "You look really cute today." I love that.

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    All Pen wants is to be the kind of girl she’s always been. They think the way she looks and acts means she’s trying to be a boy—that she should quit trying to be something she’s not.