Minecraft self updating version

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If the versions don't match, then that means the binaries are out of date and a newer version ought to be downloaded.

After downloading the newer assembly, the older assembly is replaced and the launcher app loads the assembly present in the current directory (which is now the new one). Because in order to check the version number, the assembly must be loaded.

The launcher will open the version number file to see which version is present on your computer.

Then it'll go to your web server to check the latest available version number.

In addition, the studio has also confirmed that it's exploring the possibility of a patch to deliver a 1080p update in docked mode, as at present the game runs at 720p in portable mode and on the TV.

The Java auto-update mechanism is designed to keep Java users up-to-date with the latest security fixes.Confirmation of that came in the most recent Digital Foundry video, which gives a detailed look at the technical aspects of the game, comparing it to the PS4 version.Overall the Switch edition delivers an impressive level of performance considering the hybrid flexibility of the hardware.An alternate approach would be to use a registry key.However, if the user deletes your program and then downloads it and runs it later, then you'll have the problem of a stale registry making it think the latest version is already downloaded.

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