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"I went on a lot of dates and I did a lot of kissing as a teenager," she remembers. But at that age, I never really thought about being straight or being gay." While many of her friends embraced university as the perfect place to experiment, Emma moved in with her first serious boyfriend. It was only when she moved back to London to work in the hospitality industry that it felt more natural to try new things: twice, late at night, drunk in a club, she kissed a woman. I never felt a connection, and I never thought about it again," she says. He worked in property development and supported her when, after the death of her father, she decided to change careers and retrain as a therapist. Juliette wanted to know if Emma would be interested in writing a column for the site. Despite knowing this, Emma was reticent when it came to telling her friends and family. "Most of my friends were pretty cool with it, but were not that sure what to say – some people’s voices would go up an octave or two, which I thought was very funny. I suppose we all have expectations of how we want people to be.

"I wanted to get married and have children." At 28, she met William. When they met at the company’s Valentine’s Day launch party, it was as colleagues, but gradually over the next couple of months, their phone conversations became more frequent, and the subject matter more personal. But lots of my female friends were utterly unsurprised, as though they’d been expecting it. She’s met Juliette many times but still calls her my 'friend'." Looking back on her relationship history with men, Emma doesn’t call it a mistake or disown it in any way: she simply believes she’s attracted to people as individuals.

Once the producers began conducting research for the show–including interviews with more than one hundred women–they kept hearing the name Joanne Fleisher.

Fleisher has a popular website, Lavender Visions, which serves as a resource for women questioning their sexuality.

And that person was Juliette." After an 18-year relationship with TV director Charles Martin, presenter Anna, 45, got together with Bake Off host Sue Perkins (left) in 2013.

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A couple since last spring, their forthcoming wedding, she says, will be a small one – no fuss, no big deal.The Sex and the City star, 49, was divorced with two children when she fell for education activist Christine Marinoni (right).The couple, who have now been together for 11 years, married in 2012 and have a son, Max.About four months after she left her husband, when she was 34, she met the woman who would become her long-term partner.Fleisher's daughters were seven and nine at the time.

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