Justin timberlake dating jessica alba

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One thing's for damn sure though, they are doing better than the rest of us when it comes to the dating resume department (and the money department..the fame department).

Over the summer, she appeared in Sony's flopped remake of Total Recall, while she nearly landed the female lead opposite Hugh Jackman in X-Men spinoff The Wolverine, which would have certainly been her biggest success yet. "But she’s okay; she’s buying time," says that agent.

"She’s a lovely face and gets you some publicity," says this producer.

"I mean, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, they’re all the same: They’re pretty faces who’ve yet to score. With Kelly and Michael." A high-level publicist was less enthused.

What makes this more meaningful to the list is that we all know that Hudson was key to Alex Rodriguez's success that won both him and Jeter the 2009 World Series.

The fact that A Rod could have been getting Timberlake's "sloppy seconds" is an added bonus for him and Jeter. Much is being said now about Timberlake breaking it off with Jessica Biel and whether or not that Mila Kunis or Rihanna had anything to do with it.

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