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This is the place to be if you want to shoot other people with the level advantages sanded down. Weapons that kill with one shot are so rare you can almost write them off, and even grenades don’t often kill your enemies quickly.What’s important is that your attacks chip away at the enemy’s shields and then health, giving your teammates an opportunity to move in and finish off the kill or at least provide some form of cover fire.To enjoy casually requires some sort of reckoning with what you want and what you can realistically expect.

That’s Bungie’s decision — and you may not like it — but it’s not like that shit was a secret. You don’t have to read the guides and find the quickest, most efficient way to do things, and in fact, that method of play may not even be the most enjoyable.

Crucible matches are now designed and balanced in such a way that sticking together is usually the winning strategy. You are absolutely at a disadvantage if you’re not rolling in with other people on voice chat.

But that doesn’t mean the Crucible is inaccessible to you; you’ll often be paired with randos who get what’s going on.

And you may never get to the point where you have enough time to devote to those areas of the game, anyway. And I mean that in the nicest way possible, I promise.

This situation may feel cruel, but every game doesn’t owe you a specific way to get to every piece of content.

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