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Lin, a Hakka, is a member of the Democratic Progressive Party and also leads a Hsinchu County political faction named for him.

He ran for a seat in the Legislative Yuan in 1992, and won again in 1995.

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This building used to be the residence of Japanese royal members and the offices of different Taiwanese government agencies, but now it’s the location of the first glass-themed museum in the country.Inside, you can watch art or classical films and see the many cinema-related exhibits. Hsinchu’s coastline from Nankang to Nanliao used to be disorganized, but thanks to the efforts of the government, it’s now home to some of the city’s best scenic spots.Let the attractions of the 17 kilometer (10.6 mile) coastline scenic area give you fun-filled moments. He served in the Legislative Yuan from 1993 to 1997, when he was elected to one term as Hsinchu County Magistrate.He chaired the Taiwan Provincial Government from 2003 to 2006.

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