Ftm dating sites

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Yet this exposure did nothing to demystify transmale sexuality, which is where my work comes in.

With the worldwide film festival screenings of my groundbreaking documentary, , it had become clear that there was tremendous interest in FTM sexuality, and very little to satisfy that curiosity.

Each free profile allows users to state their gender identity and what they're looking for.

Then, the program automatically provides suggestions for matches with compatible profiles.

This gives people the opportunity to talk online at will, see each other at a safe distance, and decide whether or not to take it further.

In all honesty, I'm an old fashioned kind of guy and the categories of Male, Female, FTM and MTF seemed to work fine for me.

We were able to connect on the basis of this consideration, rather than in spite of it.

But gender has been undergoing a transformation that even I didn't see coming.

This created some interesting challenges with the usual format of a dating website.

" We're still working out the kinks, and as gender fluidity comes into it's own, there will likely be more options down the line.

Certainly Chaz Bono's coming out has brought this issue into the spotlight and caused greater public awareness.

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