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A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. Not the alighteat swelling of the li that the finger could not be introduced. Under these circumstances the Houae-Snrgeon simply Uid wet liut over the e^tosed omentnni. In ihosa cases which have bllen under my own notice, it so happens that the profuse watery discharge occurred, for the most par^ in pereoiu beyond thirty years of age. He -wm very strong in b U term B, condemuiiig the course puisned bj the London bodies ia reducing the course of materia medica and therapeutics, from a six months' to a three montha' course. He related several cases in -which this little operation produced instantaneous relief and a permanent cure. Wood performed this operation the next day at the Infirmary on two of the patients, and they Axpiewed thranaelve B very much relieved. renowned Contlnontdl Mhioml Watcra, Is SOW OPEN for tho Thiitr^ ftxittb Ssa Km. London; and other respactabld Cbcnkis U in London and the provincial towna, leltara a Froapeotus, with the bigbeat Bedlcal ti.a Hmaniai^ Tj'i.t fthtalnni^ 'Phe Best Food for Children, Invalids, -*- and otbors — R0EINSOS"a PATEST BABIi ET. inowleda Dato»taim ' ~' nntritinus, end light fbod lor Infhata ai an cmiuo DUynnr much appmved foi T Gn OATS, fbr mor tbe beat and most vali than tblttx years, turn atlmatlon. Its colour provcnts the pofsibllity of misl Aln te uas_ It is rwomtnended by thu General Board of Beallb, to. Any two sanmlea forwj e «nlbl ei'aminat Joni of the Cuo « South Afncau ^ oina seieclod iiiini the atook of M* ■ pre'saions which bive gipt abrond in raapsot to these wlnoa — namely, that theyarotliemsei Tea ndnltcraled, and tbat thoy ar* Band for adultentjon. Tbe mde ■hould be, avoid comp Ucstioiia, and radwr hare i Mwant to the iimple operation fbr it Uenng the puts, whkh. dotb, prlca 8* n Consumption: its Nature, STir PFOHS,and TBKATMKHT. ai : John Chu rehlll, Maw Pathological Chemistry, in its APPLICATIOl Oo Oie PRAOTICB of UEDldl NK Trana Utod ftom tha French of MM. CIiamlcal Jaat of whtdi It mat* aa tbl '*Tha work la a ereat ai Bctanoa." — Modienl Thnea aiu. *■ Strongly do we reoommend l Ua work to all who wlah to koap up 1 tha tanrndmo Tamant of rational Madldna.'—I'iiaat.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. The caae lua done exceedingly well, aad withont any aloughing en matte ; the omentum has ahrivelled away so as to H£ait of the healing of the wound. A profose watery discharge from the ear has alwaya been held as one of the rtxj worst features in an injury of the head. The permanent cure of neuralgia by the»e injections is very unaccountable, and Dr. Mr, Spence seems to have made his discovery lately, for Mr. Tin Im Hicd Uineral Witan a» add thmiglimit the joarattbe Pump Itoom, and bv George Waugh and Co.. aa the pmeat ible preparation Air mak- Ootint T7, r« Fadteta, h and. Ac Soldbytho Tr Bd«inbot Ucii,atfti., U., onflaa, each, orat Saitiermllon. This is by nn means tbe case, eicept In asme rara and eiceptlanal In- atances On tbe contmry, wa have pro T«d theao wtnaa to ha bom g«nal Be and wholesome, while their taodan U* price i* • great SKMiiiianduioii-" - ~ ' ■ — Lethaliy asd Dr. ean do tbeoi DO harm, than inrar tiie rnk of peril by msai B iriudi an seldom ^uiient, and which never leara the parts m tbe^ li MMd tbem. London : Jobn Cbunfaitl, Naw Bi CVench Books supplied at Tenpence ■'- THE FRANC. BAILUiim, Pub U i MEDICAl TIMES Alf D QAZETTE ABVEBTISEE. B; PETER HINCKES BIBS, PRACTICAL TREATISE CHILDREN utd ISFASTB.

Svo, clotb, piico 48 A Manual for Midwives and Nurses. A Treatise on Diseases of the Heart By O'BRTZN BBLUNGHAH, H. Often before the sclerotic collapses and the part heals, the inflam- mation has been severe, and the dischai^ very profuse, and the patient has had to undergo great and protracted su Aial Bg. It is quite exceptianal for a patient to be able to resume his occupation in leas than a month after such an operation, and a still longer delay is usually needed before an artificial eye can bo worn. Critchett has recently attempted in two instances to diminish these inconveniences, by careftilly closing the divided coo- junctivs by sutures, llius, the first step in the operation consists in dissecti Bg back the conjunctiva and ce Uular tissue, as if for excision of the globe. Tlie fiist due occuned kbout a month ago, but unfortunately we are unab Fc to state the reeult, as 3ie patient did not attend again. Robert, that this profuse discharge of a watery fluid after an injury of the h^d, has been, for the most part, ob- served in cbudren and young persons, and that it belongs peculiarly to those cases in w&ch the fractnre cuts across the petrous txme at its middle. P£r ER SQUIRE, her Mtue Kf'a Chemist, 9TT, Oxford-street, London, to whom all application) respeo Ung it must be addrsassd. DE JONOH-S Tight-Brown God Liver Oil.— This ■*-' pure. Christison on " Therapeutics." Before the addressi however, it was moved and canted that the next meeting be held at Liverpool. to nnv Rnllwav Bta'io D or Port In th Aoers T 7, ] UHDICAL TIHES Ainj Bwa ^fi^» ^«^«rairi k Mly l M . Baa the woka of FUii Ulat, Ouut, Dn Honeel, and the Be I* Km, Beaq De Tel, Ihichenna, FUii Ulat, Oanot, mi Hi tl Ma A Himl Ule peilodlcali. Mid by a B atra Uar Imtftntloiu En Europe ; t Mranal Xihlbltkm. Both Uiaoteantitilbr K.8iip TO THE HEDICAL PROFESSION. Hooper's Select Chemical and PHARKACEUn CAL PREPARATIONS : Cauiciu L. and I hare the aiore sattafe Mion in bringing them forward ttat they might aerre to help nt in deteimini Dg, or at all tmate, in drawing profefsional attention away from Ae leaa, and placing it upon the more important of dtoae cinnm' ■tan MB, whieh are known OK&ima Tahly to a Seet Ae isem in tiiit claias of cosea.

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About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. It will be obeerved that, although one of Oie vatmted remedies had been employed, yet those who vratched the case do not incline to give it the credit of the result. — A cachectic sailor, aged 3B, for many years the sub- ject of stricture. I do not mean to say that the base was not broken in these case* ; it may have been so in every instance, but of this we have no positive proof, for the diagnostic sign, which was thought to afford incontrovertible evidence as to the existence of a fracture, no longer posaesses the same value as it did but a year or two back. Wlraa, or L^- ' ~ " ■ le the natural tcath aa not lo be die- leclomat obser Tar; they will NEVER jnd will be found verv aiiperiot to any **«Hx v Kor umna uam. B., Bnd Pro Tealor Red- Tbi Hedicil Tikim «k Trb Bnms Ti Mdioal ^ Tb( Mbpicai. T ondon Equitable Mutual Life -'--' INSQBANCB SOCIErr, «*, Ohaneery'lane, London. This announcement was received with entbnsiaun, amid cheers, and bumpers of champagne. He exhibited some curious effects of the galvanic light on colour, and also a new electrical machine, which, although of ordinary size, produced effects three or four times as great as ordinary machines. Whatever might have been the interest taken in the previous addresses, it was certainly not greater than that in Dr. The attendance was large, and the reception given to the worthy Professor is an evidence how well his great reputation and popularity are susttdned. A little obser- vation will discover that by the action of the orbicularit pal- bebrorum, as a sphincter muscle, of which I coiuider the tensor tarsi a part, (sec my work on the Surgical Diseases of the Eye, and Operative Ophthalmic Surgery, page 163), they are kept in a certain relation with the eyeball ; and whenever the muscle acts, that is, when we wink, the puncta are called into re- markable activity, and pulled, as it were, out of the margin of the eyelid, in advance of which they traverse the suiface of the eyeball.

On the one hand, there is no doubt that abscision leaves a bett« stump, and secures better motion to the arttficial front ; whilst, on the other, it is a much more formidable procedure than excision of the entire globe. But, prepossessed as I wsa at the time with the idea that such a discharge could not exist wiihout a fracture, I explained away the presence of the albumen by tlie presence of the small quuitity of blood which was in the floid. * 8 01., any sluipe, plain or gradnatad I clt K- f 8s, per gross. Cowper for his perseverance in carrying the Bill through the House of Commons. De^n Is Draat Marflnt Mn^ *c., unu-Rnet, Co Tonl-nrdea. Bu Uc Btocldnga, Vood BO Legs, Crutdi M, WEOUSALB AND RETAIL. On cither side the inferences are alike false, and the results have no baariog whatever beyond confirminf the judgment of the Surgeon in the course which he deanea it right to pursue in each particular case. The HICROSCOPB hi l U AFFLt CATt OM tc PRACTICAL ILBDICIKE. (Ko LTlyre Bd;.) ILLDSTRATIONS of DRISB, t THINART DEPOSITS, and CALCDLI.

There has been, of late, considerable discussion among M Ophthalmic Surgeons as to the relative advantages of removbig the globe, and of slicing off its front in cases of staphyloma, etc, in which it is wished to introduce an artificial eye. In the second and third class of cases, so far as I have seen, the watery discharge, howerver limpid, contained a certain amount of albumen. In the case to which I have referred, with a profuse watery discharge, and without fracture, albumen was easily detected in the flnid. London Warshnunca, IS, Bnad-a Oaet-hlll, at7, and 1, Upper Copauliaaan-ttteet, la Uugto D, K. Hairla and Co, beg to nibmtt the fo Uowlng prinaa, for quantl Uae ol t gnoe, •oaorted to auit tbe aen*enlen M of tlie ponluaar. The Association takes considerable credit to itself for the passing of the Reform Bill, and not a little of the success wi Ui which the meeting has passed off depended on the feeling, lliat the Association could sound the note of triumph with Kgard to the passing of the Medical Reform Bill. Lankester very properly drew the attention of the meeting to the obligation the Profession were under to Hr. Bowles, late Wiodsor & Co., FIua I • and BOTTLB Umaaa MWn. Thg oh Mpa M bonattn I^n dm V "Dissecting and Post- »i — ■/ ! w a rgmf EHT mt XR, at tha Maw Bd«l nd Uttetaiay u Toittuham Couit4t]ad. It is somewhat strange that, even now-a-days, there are Surgeons who refer to recovoriee after operations for strangu- la Wd hernia, in which the raepective sacs were not opened, m so many proofs of the advantage of this proceeding, while advocates fiir opening the sac bring similar evidence in favo DE of their view*.

Maintain attribution Tht Goog Xt "watermark" you see on each file is essential for in forming people about this project and helping them find additional materials through Google Book Search. Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. Br a Fellow of the Roysl College of 8u Tf;eo QB ] Four Let Cero to Bir Jam H CUxrlc. He was inclined to think that this was the condition present also in the one now under notice. Next day the discharge was quite serous ; and at this time, blood was found under the ocular conjunctiva of the upper part of both eyes. Some parts of hie discourse expressed deep religious feeling ; ■nd some one observed that the Church lost a great preacher when Miller was made a surgeon. er Swallad Lvgt, Tarlnaa Veins, Wealraeas, Sprains, 4c. 'JIHBW REM BDtsa which anracognlsed by tbe Hodical Profeasion tun 1 ™. The subject was ymmg — 86— and with ftecal Tomiting, whi . therec and leading principles of MALPOSITION OF THE LAOBTMAL CANALICTJLI. Let me illustrate ihis by asking, what is the generally accepted plan for treating an obstructed nnsal duct, arising out of chronic inflammation of the mucous mrrabrane i Re^ly 1 cannot answer the question, I have my own views, and carry out a certain practice, iu which I believe, having long satisfied mystlf that there can be no rapid cure, and that constitutional as well as local measures aic needed.

Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. The opinion Was confirmed, he thought, by the circumstance that a sort of line might be felt passing obliquely downwards &om the upper part of the iliac crest to the median line, which about bounded the lower edge of the protrusion. Oa the ninth day, serous flnid was observed floning frmn both ears, and thus matters went on for severel days, until on the twentieth day after the accident, the watery discharge came only from the left ear, This even soon subsided, and on the twenty-fifth day the patient left the Hospital. Several papers were read after the address ; but they were too long to afford any time for discussion. ; alao for Uic provonllon J I andnt Wafcon'a'a Bcy.aiidtl Bauppoitof Uiaabdo BBi ' Dunbl Tporoua, and light, as an efficient Splni fiup- - B«i Uwsa wpltanoaa Btand unequ Ued. Otlicr men pursue a different course to myself, and to each other. On Warm and Cold Batha In tha Traatme Dt of loaanlty, by Dr.

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