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Whilst up until relatively recently both the Internet and mobile phones used to be luxuries to a few, they are now fundamental components of everyday life for millions.

According to the Office of National Statistics, 22 million households in the UK are now connected to the Internet, while access to the Internet using a mobile phone rose to 58% in 2014.

Putting pen to paper, or in this case, hand to keyboard - is an ideal way for individuals who do not feel comfortable speaking about their problems to express themselves.

Because emails can be written at any time over a continued period and the client is in control of determining the timing on their side of the contract - they have the freedom to document what is on their mind as it occurs, rather than waiting several days for a face to face counselling session.

At the designated time slot the counsellor and client will both log on to a predetermined chat room (which will be secure and confidential), so that they can exchange instant messages for the agreed length of the session.

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Whatever mode of communication the client should ensure they have spoken to their counsellor about why they are seeking help, how many sessions they may need, cost, privacy and the cancellation policy.

Usually you will contact a counsellor via email or telephone in the first instance to arrange an initial consultation.

Together you will plan a suitable time for you to "meet" and discuss what you are seeking help with.

The process involves the client typing out their problems and concerns in an email, and the counsellor taking the time to read the email before replying with a considered therapeutic response.

Writing down whatever it is that may be clouding our minds can be an extremely effective way of processing negative emotions.

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