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Alongside flooding and salinisation, land subsidence is one of the main priorities of the programme.

Have it all on the Sognefjord in a Nutshell & UNESCO Fjord Bus tour!

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Salinisation, higher floods risks and coastal erosion increasingly threaten the delta.This may not be the case if you're a no-budget filmmaker, because chances are you're shooting in your house, your buddy's office, or out in the field. So, you'll probably have to deal with not only light from windows or practicals that you can't turn off, but also limited space in which to place your equipment. In the tutorial, you people just mix the warm and day light as simple as that.. But, for beginners like me, it's really a nightmare. Light looks different depending on the time of day: even and neutral light during the day, soft warm light at sunset, and hard blue light at night.So, if you trying to recreate these looks for your scene, for example, if you're shooting day for night—or night for day—or whatever, Matthew Workman of Cinematography Database has created a video that shows you what light qualities to look out for, what equipment you can use, how to set up your lighting.

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