Dating longines watches by serial number

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They pioneered the "broken wire" system, as well as the first "photo finish" mechanism, which linked precision timing with a photographic record of the event.Longines timers are still used in many sporting events, especially equestrian and gymnastics competitions.What has changed here is the dial and bezel colour.

Knowing a bit about these references numbers and what they mean can help in deciphering differences between watches or making an educated guess about an unseen watch. w = model x = case material y = dial z = bracelet/strap Some examples to start showing how we can put it all together would be good.

Longines produced some really beautiful sport chronograph watches in the 30's and 40's, using Longines own in-house movements.

Original Longines chronographs are very collectible. Longines was also famous for their Aviator's watches.

Francillon wanted to modernize the production of watches and believed that bringing all the final assembly and finish operations together into one factory would be a more efficient method of production.

To accomplish this, Francillon built a factory on a piece of land known as "Les Longines" and the Longines brand was born.

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