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In the Netherlands, you’ll be liable for repaying the mortgage no matter what happens to your property value.Of course, the risk of having a residual debt is quite low.Some health insurers have put up their rates by a few euros a month, while a few have even made cuts.The average rise is around €2 a month, well below the €6.50 a month the government had been expecting.You can come and go whenever you want, you’re not responsible for major maintenance, and you don’t have to worry about what would happen if the value of your property goes down. Renting in the Netherlands is not cheap and depending on where you are, you could be worse off financially in a rental property.A three-room flat in Amsterdam’s Buitenveldert district will cost you around €1,900 a month in rent, but if you bought the same property, it could be as much as €700 a month cheaper – and that is taking all the bills into account as well. Above all, the rent you pay helps your landlord beef up his investments and does nothing to help you build up a nest egg. Well, today’s market is attractive for buyers because mortgage rates are relatively low so you can get a lot of house for your money.

Zorg is the first insurance broker that offers a fully functioning English comparison tool, allowing you to find the most suitable and affordable health plan for yourself and your family. If you do decide to change insurance company, make sure you do it before January 1.

So having a look at your health insurance policy and changing your insurer may cut your insurance bill by a tidy sum of money. So what changes has the government - which decides what should be included in the basic health insurance policy - introduced this year?

The new coalition government has decided that the deductible excess (eigen risico) will remain €385 next year and up to 2021.

Nevertheless, the difference in premiums between the cheapest and most expensive policies is huge, despite the cover being exactly the same!

In addition, as time goes on, the chances are that you have top up policies which exceed your budget or cover things you don’t need anymore as well.

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