Dating cdvs cabinet cards

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They were the sons of Ellwood or Elwood Garrett (1815-1910), who was a daguerreian, daguerreotype artist. Elliott, and also worked in Garden City, Illinois) CDV Photo. Gehrig, JW: Gehrig Gallery of Fine Arts, 337 West Madison Street, Chicago, Cook County. Gehrig 1847-1915, born in Switzerland, studied photography under Photographer Henry Rocher, working in Chicago, Illinois 1876-1905) CDV Photo. Hinsey & Perry, Pontiac, Illinois, Gallery over the Post Office. Jenkins who worked in various cities in Illinois: Monticello, Piatt County; Clinton, De Witt County; Maroa, Macon County, and Hoopeston, Vermilion County, Illinois, all south of Chicago) Cabinet Card Photo. (known to be photographers Everett Scholfield and Charles D. After the Civil War, from 1866-1871, he was business partners with Charles D. (known to be brothers Maurice & Warren Garrett who ran the studio from 1870-1888. (Known to be female photographer Mary E L Chubbuck, who later married William H. (Known to be Daguerreian and Ambrotypist Alexander Hinsey 1839-1910, and and unknown Pontiac Illinois Perry family photographer, would love info on him, if you know) CDV Photo. See his work Jenkins, SA: Jenkins Studio (known to be Samuel A. Mosher at the National Historic Photographer Art Gallery, 125 State Street, Chicago (C. Mosher was awarded artistic excellence award in Art Photography at the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial in Philadelphia), Cook, Lake, Dupage County. Davis, or Henry Davis) Note: Egbert Horton was later a photographer in Providence, Rhode Island. SKimball Bros.: Kimball Brothers, Artist Photographers, 355 1/2 Main St., Fitchburg, Massachusetts, Worcester County. Kimball, 2 Kimball Brothers: Alonzo Wood Kimball 1837–1897 also known as A. Kimball was a a well known Photographer and Crayon Artist in partnership with his older brother E. She is known to have run her 19th c female or woman run photography business in Rockford circa 1865-1866. See their work Adams & Davies: Adams and Davies, Indianapolis, IN, Marion and Hamilton County. Adams, David Adams) and John Davies are listed as photographers in the Indiana 1870 Census) CDV Photo.

(known to be succesful photographer Edward Sidney Dunshee, Edward S.

Note: There was also a studio called Elliott & Hill's Temple of Art, Main St. He was also a partner to Bill Illingworth in the 1860's, and a Civil war soldier: Company C, Iowa 14th Infantry) CDV photo. Huffman, Late: Late Huffman, Lawler Street, Postville, Iowa, Allamakee County. According to public census records, he was born in New York, Warren County, 1842. Williams, Shelbyville, Shelby County, Kentucky (known to be John Wesley Williams, born 1821 Paris, Kentucky and died 1907 in Shelbyville, Kentucky KY, Shelby County) CDV Photo. Herman Cassens or Rudolph Herman Cassens, Rudolph H. Mc Kenney, 284 Congress Street, Portland, Cumberland County (known to be Albert M. He was living in Skowhegan, Maie, Somerset County with his aunt and uncle, James Malbon & Hulda Malbon and listed as a "photo artist" by trade, at age 28 in 1880. Vose, (see Sebastian Streeter Vose 1838-1911) and formed a photography studio in Skowhegan called Vose & Paul, known for their CDV Photos, Cabinet Card Photos and Stereoviews. Paul conducted a substantial portion of his practice by mail with his patients, as phone servicehad not yet arrived. He was a much loved doctor and important town member there. Known to be William Emmons Greenleaf Worthley (1836-1901), a Daguerreotypist (1860, Yarmouth, Maine) and studio photographer (1870, Brunswick, Maine & 1880, Lewiston, Maine); His portrait advertising backmarks may also read W.

Elliott 1850-1894, also a photographer in Marshalltown, born in Fairfield, Adams County, Pennsylvania. Gurnsey, Byron Gurnsey, who worked in Sioux City, Iowa from 1863-73. Reynolds, 35 Jefferson St., Burlington, Iowa, Des Moines County. Reynolds Gallery in Burlington was started in 1872. He was also instrumental in bringing electricity to the town. See his work Worthley: Worthley, Lewiston Maine, Androscoggin County.

(Also known to have had galleries in Boston and Wakefield MA.

Alden, Springfield, Massachusetts, Hampden County, and also worked in Providence, Rhode Island, in Providence, Bristol County and Saratoga NY. Alden or Augustus Alden) Galleries at 3 locations: Main St., Troy NY, Albany or Rensselaer County; on Broadway at Saratoga Springs NY, Saratoga County and on Main Street, Springfield MA.

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