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This is the daily reality for many adults, teens, and children who experience harm obsessions, also known as violent obsessions, a type of OCD symptom that involves unwanted, repetitive violent thoughts, impulses, or images.

Harm obsessions are typically shocking, distressing, and disturbing, and they may occur thousands of times every day.

They become masters at distraction and often dread bedtime when they are alone with their thoughts.

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However, unlike hyperfocus, "flow" is often described in more glowing terms, suggesting they are not two sides of the same condition under contrasting circumstance or intellect.Imagine that you’re leaning down to kiss your young daughter goodnight, when BAM!You are jolted by an image of yourself stabbing her to death.They are sometimes associated with the presence of triggers like particular people (e.g., loved ones) or vulnerable populations (e.g., fear of children or the elderly), but they may also occur with strangers.Even particular emotions, such as anger, may trigger harm OCD obsessions.

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