Dating as a quadriplegic

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If you were to date a quadriplegic would you feel like you were taking care of another child?

Or as another person above mentioned, maybe you can find another woman out there in a similar situation as yours.

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So I thought I'd ask the woman in the mighty sea of fish what they think You should try disabled dating sites I have a co worker who uses one of those sites and she seems to be happy with the results, although this is a free site with lots of people , you will find the majority dont want to date a quadriplegic person not out of ignorance but mainly because of lifestyle EDIT - Jeez, when I read it back, even I found it hard to understand what I was saying. I would not date ANY man, able bodied or not, whose reason for considering a relationship with me, is focused on his own desire to be a step-parent because he couldn't have children of his own.

And for me personally, no I would not date a quadriplegic for the reasons you suspect.

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    Which brings me to the question- how does one find love in medical school, or at the very least, start dating in medical school?