Blind dating 2016 proper vid vomit

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Neil was smart, quick and earnest without being cloying.He didn’t display any of the douchier-than-thou affectations I’d seen on dozens of OKCupid profiles — the shirtless profile pics, the humble-brags about speaking five different languages.I selected Saturday at my favorite bar in midtown, which has dollar beers and free hot dogs.OKCupid pulled up four date options but none liked my bar choice: instead, they leaned toward places in the financial district.Of the three dates, I probably had the most in common with Joshua: we were both tri-state area Jews who liked cheap beer, the History Channel, and arguing loudly about prison reform.OKCupid probably would’ve given us a high match rating on the basis of that alone. He described himself as a centrist, summing up his views: “My conservative friends think I’m liberal, and my liberal friends think I’m a neoconservative.” He also asked at one point if I was a “feminist, like a plant-your-flag-in-the-ground radical feminist or a woman who believes men and women should be treated equally.”I had fun with Joshua, and not just because we spent a good half of our date talking about sociopathy and good places in the city that sell oysters, two of my favorite topics.

Carlos was polite and ambitious, but we didn’t have much to talk about.The app works like this: you pick a time and a location, and OKCupid pulls up a list of potential dates in the area, along with their first names, ages and scrambled photos of their faces. As someone who appreciates serendipity (or at least the 2001 John Cusack film version), I wanted to see whether the app represented a brand-new, profile-browsing and questionnaire-free frontier in the world of online dating.Yet when I told my friends I was testing out the app, the response overwhelmingly skewed pessimistic. This was followed by the almost equally unnerving possibility of being “set up with someone you went to Hebrew school with.”Online, the response to Crazy Blind Date was just as negative.No, but he did attend a Jewish school not far from where I grew up.He reminded me of every dude I’d had a crush on at summer camp, the wide-eyed, sandy-haired, athletic Jewish kids who wore Livestrong bracelets and made fun of flat-chested girls.

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