Beards are intimidating

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He and Toews also have identical eight-year, million contracts that kicked in during the 2015-16 season.

Those deals carry a .5 million annual cap hit through 2022-23, which lessens their combined values vs.

During the salary-cap era, the NHL has become a league of duos.

The Chicago Blackhawks (Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews) and Pittsburgh Penguins (Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin) have two of the best twosomes of that span, which began in 2005 -- and both teams have combined for six Stanley Cups since the start of the 2005-06 season.

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Still, Kane and Toews have won three Cups each, will be just 29 years old this upcoming season and have a lot of prolific potential.

Jonathan Toews, 19, and Patrick Kane have won three Cups each -- yet neither player has even turned 29 yet.

"They are dangerous individually when separate but lethal when they are together," said one Eastern Conference scout.

By the time Draisaitl's deal is signed, these two might have the highest combined salary-cap hit in the NHL among a pair of teammates.

While this might hurt their value as a duo, the Cup potential for both on the same team is high because of their ages.

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