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The reason is that, hoping to find faith and responsibility in relations, they often get disappointed, failing to find it in men from their own countries.

Babies born in Bangladesh today are about six times more like to survive past five years old than those born in the 1970s.

Women have about two children each and girls go to school at the same rate as boys.

And yet, I have never been more optimistic about the future for Bangladeshi girls and their communities.

Girls are often valued only for their role as future wives and mothers, rather than as future citizens and producers.Reducing child marriage should be seen as more than fulfilling human rights; it is a crucial investment in our social, health and economic future.We must systematically evaluate programs and policies that aim to improve girls’ lives and then scale up those that are proven to work.All girls had access to new technologies and communities were closely consulted throughout the program.A control group received no services, crucial to comparing the effects of our interventions and determining if they worked.

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