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Our lines are not inexpensive, but they're not high end either; they are competitively priced.

And I guess you could describe our typical styling as transitional.

"Most of our decorative items go in the section of our store we call 'Trails'.

I was first shown the Expressions' line by a traveller, then subsequently at a furniture or gift show.

They carry attractive throws, quilts, lighting, place mats, and candles, "so people don't have to drive into London to buy gifts." Gilpin's also offers free delivery.

The Gilpins are trying a new slant on exposure this year.

The favorite leather colors are still burgundy and hunter green, and our popular woods are maple, pine, cherry and ash." Dianne expresses her fun loving streak in accessorizing her showroom space.

The new mirror will be placed so that it will brighten a dark corner, and she will advise her customers to hang it where it can reflect a lovely view of trees or the lake through an actual window.

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The original barn behind the property has been replaced with a garage for the ambulance and hearse. Product knowledge is the basis of Gilpin's repeat business.She describes the l6,000 square foot Gilpin Furniture store as "an experience for our customers!I shop widely, put a lot of thought into what we display in the store.Ron, one of three children, met and married Dianne in 1970 and, two years later, the couple bought out the senior Gilpins.Both Douglas and Irene remained active until just a few years ago.

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